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why don't some people just give you the truth? why do they have to beat around the bush for you to "get the message"? it makes it seem like you're too worthless to be told what their intentions are.

Mar. 5th, 2009

i definetly learned a lot this year. i can tell you that. i think everyone has one of those years where they find out who they really are...or aren't. and i think i know myself better than i ever did. this year i found out that people never ever have a direction in life even when they know what they want to do in the future. i'm not ready to graduate, i don't think. i don't want to leave home just yet. but then again, life is like a black hooker, fuck it , then kill it if she tries to incriminate you by humiliating you by showing naked pictures of you to the senate hearing committee. that didn't make sense.
I want to go see watchmen on friday, but i don't know if i will......grrrr i heard it was great for people who didn't read the graphic novel..i'm going to buy it nevertheless and try to read it..because i read Persepolis and it turned me into a graphic novel whore. so i will whore for more.

"he had a yello flag out his blow hole..mo'fucka"
OH MY DEAR LORD. WHAT A HEADACHE. Today was an absolute shit show.I got up close with Sorrentino's psoriasis, and yeah it felt creepy. I actually believe we're going to have the physics test on friday ( we never do usually, but looks like he means it this time). I need a hobby. Does anyone have Ocarina of Time? i've never played it and i want to.
after some serious seriously listening.

i've concluded that T-Pain is probably one of the most eccentric and unique hip hop acts to come out since Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco..
i can't believe i'm saying this. I FUCKING love the auto tune in Thr33 rings.
so now onto their previous album HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB. first off..fuck the title. it's pretentious.it's horrible and it doesn't really serve as a guide whether as to cut the blue or red wire when you're in that situation you fuckers.

VERTIGO...NO FUCKING THANK YOU ...STARTS OFF 1 ...2 ....3....14 IN SPANISH.....SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? YOU THINK YOU'RE SO FUCKING GREAT BONO? eat a dick. just because you wrote half the joshua tree doesn't give you the right to change numbers. even einstein didn't fuck with that shit..

i defended ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE BEHIND to the death. i seriously did. but Edge...edge....what the fuck are you doing with that echoey guitar shit still? you're like an old dog who won't learn new tricks. you're a penis who's so accustomed to anal sex that you don't even feel a vagina.

STOP THE ECHOEY SHIT AND GO shove your guitar peg side up.

my minds not even in a rant state...all i can say is how much this band sucks now. why do i have these albums on my itunes.? why? it makes me question my own integrity.
okay . Can we just talk about how SHITTY U2's new single is? get on your boots? are you serious? i'll get on my boots and kick your irish ass bono. seriously can these guys only get worse with each and every album? it's like theyre not even trying. whenever they need money they'll call up their producer...bono: OH HEY . yeah i need money to live in the 5 bajillion dollar villa i live in while i preach to people how guilty they should feel for not going to Africa and adopting a child. AND THESE FUCKING MUSIC CRITICS LOVE EVERYTHING THEY DO BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING U2.go play tennis with your testicles, because you're done.

bono, edge, larry mullen jr., and whoever the fuck the other guy is. go fuck yourselves. don't call yourself a band anymore.
your shitty music  is starting to overshadow the joshua tree. and it's making everyone's nuts bleed.



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